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 Save your smart phone from unauthorized access : Introduction : In our world there are many kinds of smart phone users are available...

How to realize copyright smartphone - Master copy and clone copy

How to realize copyright smartphone :

There are many kinds of clone copy of Samsung Smartophone. Many people dont know what is the master copy and what is the clone copy. Now a days many copyright copy of Samsung Smartphone has been made by  China dealer. Be careful to buy new Samsung Smartphone.

To buy a new Samsung Smartphone you have to know the process of realizing original Samsung Smartphone. Lest see what it is...

1. Type *#0*# in your mobile screne. You will see a lcd test.

2. Type *#0228# in your mobile screne.

3.  Type *#1234#  in your mobile screne. You will see the current software version, cp and csc serial number.

4. Press home button, volume up and power button at a time, you will see a dos mode and firmware program of bios in switched off position.

5. You can give a hard reset or restore factory setting without switch on your mobile...

So try the original Samsung Smartphone. In this way you can choose original phone and other brand mobile master copy...

So must remember how to realize original or master copy  of Smartphones.

Lest see more image...


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